Make your own Aspire products with AspireCREATE!

Aspire CREATE: specifically designed kits making it possible to CREATE some of the most popular Aspire products. 

Each Aspire CREATE kit comes with the tools and components required to create one or more product, and includes step-by-step instructional guides.

Earn an income with Aspire CREATE: once created, the products can be sold by you or your organization at a price and location of your choosing.  

Also perfect for team building, parties, events and classroom activities. 

Our Vision  

To provide a solution that enables and empowers those with autism and similar special needs, to CREATE a future where they are part of a community, contributing to society, and earning an income. We aim to do this in a number of ways:

CREATE PARTNERSHIPS: We seek to partner with organizations and individuals sharing our passion for positively impacting the intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) community. We offer our accessory kits for purchase, distribution and re-sale within the communities these organizations serve.   

CREATE OPPORTUNITIES: We empower those impacted by IDD to become artisans and entrepreneurs. The Aspire CREATE business model will provide an opportunity for personal growth, a source of income, and a sense of purpose. We provide a solution for people with IDD who are seeking employment but who are unable to participate in a program such as Aspire. 

CREATE A COMMUNITY: Those who purchase our kits will become Aspire CREATE Ambassadors. We facilitate an online networking and support group for artisans and ambassadors to share their stories of success, to ask questions, and to exchange ideas.

CREATE SUSTAINABILITY: Aspire CREATE orders generate work and revenue for the Aspire artisans who prepare and assemble the kits; this helps ensure the Aspire program continues to thrive. All income generated through Aspire CREATE will be reinvested into the Aspire program to cover operational expenses, salaries, and product research and development.  

CREATE AWARENESS: We offer our kits to a variety of audiences, in addition to those within the IDD community. Aspire CREATE is a platform for creating conversation and raising awareness around the often-unrealized talents of those with autism and other special needs.


For inquiries and further information, email or visit our online store and purchase directly from there. 

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