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Purpose. Community
ar·ti·san (noun) a worker in a skilled trade, 
especially one that involves making things by hand.

Aspire Accessories, a program of Social Motion Skills, Inc. is a work transition program for adults with autism and similar special needs. We provide a solution to what is known as the “services cliff” for young adults with autism and similar disabilities as they age out of supported school-based environments. 

At Aspire we recognize that individuals with autism are great at following processes, quality control, and detail-oriented tasks.  Aspire provides job-training, purpose, and a sense of community to individuals as they learn sustainable job skills and independent living skills.

To date, Aspire has paid approximately $125,000 in wages to young adults with autism and similar special needs. 100% of product sales revenue is reinvested to sustain the program.

Our studio is a safe and supportive environment where our Aspire Artisans follow clear instructions and processes to create a variety of hand-made accessories. We empower each artisan to take responsibility for their work, realize their potential, and increase their self-awareness and confidence.

Above all, the Aspire Accessories program provides purpose and an accepting community. 

Artisans work from 9.00am to 3.00pm. Each day begins with everyone checking the job assignment board and gathering the tools required to perform their assigned task. Artisans perform a multitude of tasks, and use a variety of equipment including; a hydraulic press, heat embosser and rivet setter, to name a few. No two days look alike as we work to complete special orders and prepare for trade shows. Artisans work throughout the day to improve their job skills, life skills and social skills.

Become an Aspire Artisan. To find out more, contact Stacy Anderson via


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