Artisan Testimonials

What I love about Aspire is that the people here are really nice. There are lots of different jobs to learn how to do and I have learned a lot of life skills here. I have met two people, Allie and Sam. Every week we have become closer as friends and I cannot wait to see them again each week. 

One of the jobs I have learned how to do, and is also one of my favorite jobs is braiding. It was very quick and easy to learn how to do, and it is very peaceful and relaxing to sit there and just braid. Lastly, I have learned a lot of life skills here but the most important one that I have learned is patience. I have learned that patience is so important. 

I am so glad that I am here working at Aspire Accessories, and I am happy to continue here for as long as possible. 

- Olivia, 21 - Aspire Artisan

I like being a responsible young lady, helping my friends, working together, tying tassels, walking outside, helping Tracey and Denise.

- Valerie, 24 - Aspire Artisan

I like being with my friends. I like going to Camp Aspire at Camp Aranzazu. I like making the Callie bracelets. 

Matt, 23 - Aspire Artisan  

Aspire is a fun place to work. We make lots of pretty things to sell and lots of nice gifts. I have met nice friends and I have one friend here that I have known since high school and she is so great. 

Lauren, 24 - Aspire Artisan

Thank you for making me be a part of Aspire. It's a really good opportunity for me to be around one of my friends that I really like working with. I wish I came over to Aspire every single day. 

Ahkee, 21 - Aspire Artisan

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