Center of Excellence

The missions of The Center for Pursuit, Social Motion Skills, Inc, and Aspire Accessories have been closely aligned for a long time, with all three organizations serving populations with similar needs.

Effective July 2021, a strategic alliance was formed, allowing our organizations to seize an opportunity to collaborate and co-locate, making it easier for families with I/DD and autism to find the best service home for their loved ones and to provide continuity as individuals grow older. This alliance is a natural, synergistic fit between partners who want to create a “Center of Excellence” in Houston to support those with neurodiversity and developmental disabilities.

The “Center of Excellence” will:
•  Expand comprehensive lifepath services for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism.
• Combine the expertise of both entities to strengthen the provision of early intervention, transition, employment, residential and correlated, person-centered “wrap-around” services.
• Provide a trusted and credible all-in-one provider for clients and families.

As a part of the strategic alliance, the Aspire Accessories brand joined Pursuit Enterprises and will be re-locating to the Harrisburg Campus in the summer of 2022. Aspire Artisans continue to create at the original Haddington studio until then.

We are excited to start sharing the successes of our shared visions while continuing to accommodate choice and provide premier programs for the region’s clients with I/DD and autism and their families.

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